New Patient Information

Welcome to Live to Move Physical Therapy & Wellness!

Prior to your first visit, please download and print the new patient forms listed below.
Please bring your completed forms to your first visit. If you are unable to print and complete the forms prior to your first visit, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment and you can complete the forms at that time.If you are able to print and complete the forms, please bring a copy of the completed forms with you to your first visit and arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure everything is in order.We are conveniently located in Pearland, Texas down the street from Costco on Magnolia Parkway and Kirby.

New Patient Forms

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Preparing For Your First Visit

  • Completed new patient forms. Click link above to download forms.
  • A physician referral or prescription for physical therapy
  • Your insurance card
  • A government-issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license
  • Any medical records from previous doctors including:
    • A list of current medications you are taking, including the dosage and number of times a day you take them
    • A list of any known allergies
  • Imaging reports such as X-ray or MRI
  • Wear or bring a change of clothes that are comfortable and non-restrictive, such as athletic wear.
  • Wear clothing that would allow us to adequately evaluate the body part most in question such as wearing shorts for a knee injury and loose-fitting tee shirt or tank-top for a shoulder injury.
  • Tennis shoes/sneakers would be the most preferable shoe wear for performing exercises.
  • We advise against wearing dresses or skirts as you may be receiving manual therapy or exercising in which you could be exposed.
  • After meeting your physical therapist and getting a brief tour of the clinic, your initial evaluation will begin.
  • The physical therapist may ask you to perform certain movements/postures in order to evaluate your current condition. This could include range of motion testing, strength, flexibility, and joint mobility testing as well as demonstrating your ability to sit, stand, lie on your stomach, side or back. All evaluation testing helps the physical therapist determine a diagnosis.
  • After all the tests and measurements, your physical therapist will explain the findings, determine a course of action based on those findings, and establish a plan of care including the frequency and duration of subsequent visits.
  • You will likely receive a home exercise program to start your healing at home.
  • The initial visit usually takes longer than follow up visits. Expect your first visit to last 60-90 minutes.
  • Follow-up treatments typically last 45 – 60 minutes, depending on your specific conditions.​​

Frequently Asked Questions

By the time of your first appointment we will inform you of what your payment will be, and whether or not you have reached your deductible. If you need more information, the you'll need to contact your insurance company. Every plan is different regarding coverage, co-pays, deductibles, etc. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company with questions regarding what portion of the cost of physical therapy you are expected to pay out-of-pocket, if any. There is usually a benefits number on the back of your insurance card you may call to inquire about your physical therapy benefits.

Everyone responds differently to physical therapy depending on their physical condition and/or injury. Treatment may consist of a few visits over a couple of weeks to multiple visits spread over many weeks or months. Based on the results of your initial evaluation, your therapist will determine a plan of care, including the frequency and duration of visits. As your therapy continues, your progress against established goals is regularly re-evaluated and, if needed, your treatment plan is modified.

Every individual improves at their own pace depending on their diagnosis, physical condition and compliance with the treatment plan, including assigned exercises to be done at home. Some may see improvements within a couple of visits while others may require longer periods of time before improvements are noticeable. If you feel like you are not progressing as quickly as you would like, please talk with your therapist.

Our goal is for you to see the same therapist for each of your physical therapy visits. Likewise, if you would like to see a different therapist than the one who performed your initial evaluation, we will do our best to accommodate your request. If for some reason we need you to work with a different therapist, we will make sure the details of your treatment plan and any additional information of importance is communicated with the therapist who will oversee your session.

Your therapist will send your referring physician the results of your initial evaluation along with a physical therapy treatment plan. Subsequent re-evaluations are also sent to your referring physician. If you have a surgical follow-up with your physician, it is common to send to your physician updated specific measurements. If at any time during your course of treatment your therapist has questions or concerns, they will keep your physician updated.

We understand that it may be necessary to change or cancel appointments from time-to-time. Please call us at 281-213-0642 as soon as you are aware of the need to change or cancel your appointment. Doing so allows us to provide help in a timely fashion to other patients in need.

Therapeutic yoga is a regular yoga class with two important distinctions.

1) All classes are based on the universal principles of yoga practice and are suitable for those with or without physical limitations. What makes this class therapeutic is the ability for those with physical limitations to effectively participate in the class with modifications provided by the instructor. Which leads to the second distinction.

2) The class is led by Molly Poenitzsch, who is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified yoga instructor. This is the best of both worlds. Molly provides careful oversite for all participants with a focused eye on those who need modifications in order to perform the yoga exercise in a safe and effective manner. A yoga class taught by a doctor of physical therapist and a certified yoga instructor. It doesn't get much better than that!

Therapeutic yoga is also good for those wanting to continue the momentum they gained through their physical therapy course of treatment.

Live to Move Physical Therapy & Wellness is right for you! Molly and James Poenitzsch, who are both Doctors of Physical Therapy, lead individual and group classes in strength and conditioning, personal training, therapeutic yoga, and nutritional counseling for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Absolutely! For the safety of all, we ask that young children be left at home and guests who do accompany you should remain in the waiting area during your appointment.

Yes, the clinic is wheelchair accessible, and there are two handicap accessible parking spots directly in front of the entry to the Live to Move Physical Therapy & Wellness office.

Physcial therapy can help to reduce pain, improve mobility, avoid surgery, recover from injury, improve balance to reduce the risk of falls, increase strength to make hard tasks easier, and there are many more ways physical therapy can help you. Here is a link to more detail on the subject. Call to find out how we can help you specifically!