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Dr. Molly Poenitzsch and Dr. James Poenitzsch met while pursuing their Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees at Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Texas. Now married and living in Pearland, Texas, they share interests in exercise, volunteering, their pet dogs, participating in community events, and improving the lives of others through health and well-being.
Movement builds strong hearts, muscles and bones. It helps maintain balance and coordination. Beyond the physical, movement is a significant contributor to overall mental health and well-being. Physical therapy can advance a person’s ability to move, restore function, reduce pain and prevent disability. Physical therapists are experts in movement and the human body.
At Live to Move Physical Therapy & Wellness, we believe that what you do after physical therapy concludes is as important as the physical therapy itself. To encourage you to continue your journey toward a lifestyle of wellness, individual consultation for plant-based nutrition, personal training, and therapeutic yoga classes are available. Therapeutic yoga is taught by a certified yoga teacher and offers modified ways to perform yoga poses based on your individual physical ability.
The Poenitzsch’s are motivated by the benefits of an active lifestyle and want to help you maximize your physical abilities through a lifestyle of wellness.
The sun-like image in the logo summarizes the story of Live to Move Physical Therapy & Wellness. The sun provides life-sustaining nurture every day. Like the sun, movement provides the nurture our bodies need to optimize our health and enrich our lives.
Molly Poenitzsch
James Poenitzsch

Doctors of Physical Therapy

Our Mission
We improve the lives of people we serve by maximizing their physical capabilities while guiding them toward overall wellness.
Live to Move Physical Therapy & Wellness. Because moving is living.

Why Choose us

  • You’ll be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, one-on-one, for a minimum of 45 minutes per session
  • Your treatment plan is evidence-based, which means techniques with proven success are used
  • We are conveniently located on Magnolia Parkway in Pearland  near Highway 288
  • To improve continuity of care, you will be treated by the same physical therapist at each session
  • In addition to physical therapy, we provide nutritional counseling,  wellness yoga, and strength and conditioning training to help you continue a lifestyle of wellness
  • Our hours of operation allow you to schedule visits before and after work

Physical Therapy

Provided by licensed doctors of physical therapy only, giving you the best care with faster results.

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Wellness Yoga

Improve your body and decrease stress to better your overall wellness with therapeutic yoga for all ages and ability levels.

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Strength & Conditioning Training

Improve your health, fitness, and energy! Prevent injuries by training with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

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Plant-based Nutrition

Research driven and evidence based diet to reduce your risk of disease, improve your health, and lose weight!

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